Here are some most asked questions about joining Forever.

No! We don’t charge you to get started. Simply fill out the application and you can begin your journey. Join Here.

It’s simple to join as a Forever Business Owner. Simply visit the Join page by clicking “Get Started Here” under the navigation bar. You’ll be given two options – sign up as a FBO or sign up as a FPC. Select Sign up as a FBO from the options. To become a Forever Business Owner, you must purchase 2 case credits of products or a Start Your Journey Pak and opt-in to the Terms & Conditions. Otherwise, you’ll be signed up as a Forever Preferred Customer until you complete the 2CCs. To learn more about the Forever Business check out our FAQ on joining here.

There are a few ways you can sign up to be part of the Forever Family.
1. Become a Forever Business Owner As a Forever Business Owner, you can earn a discount on the products and retail at full price to earn an income.

2. Become a Forever Preferred Customer As a Forever Preferred Customer, you will earn 15% on purchases. You can even earn up to 30% off all purchases the more you shop. Learn more about Forever Preferred Customer here.

3. Save Your Retail Information When you shop through, you can choose to create a profile and save your payment information and order history for later use.

A Forever Preferred Customer is a new member type . The definition as outlined in the company policy is as follows: One who registers to purchase products at a 5% discount off the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) but does not wish to be a Forever Business Owner (FBO) and participate in the Company Marketing Plan. He/She is considered a retail consumer and may purchase Forever Living products only for personal or family use. A Preferred Customer is not authorized or licensed to resell Forever Living products or to make purchases to help others resell products. Although he/she may be assigned an Identification Number, the Preferred Customer is not eligible to participate and/ or receive compensation in any form unless he/she Opts-in to become a FBO. A Preferred Customer who has purchased a Start Your Journey Pak or product equaling 2 Case Credits within any 2-consecutive-Month period receives a 30% discount on future purchases and is eligible to Opt-in to become a FBO and participate in the sales/bonus compensation structure as defined in FLP’s Marketing Plan.

Our website will help you with that! If you have the information, just enter it on the page and select Search. Otherwise, if you don’t know or have a sponsor’s ID, Email Address, or their First Name, Last Name and State/Province, just click the radio button that asks to find a sponsor for you. Enter a ZIP code and click search. You can also click the Search button multiple times to see additional search results. That’s all there is to it!

It’s always best to get in contact with the person who introduced you to Forever. If you don’t know someone or would like to speak with our Sales Support team, contact or +233 (0) 302 799 340

A case credit (CC) is a value assigned to each product to calculate sales activity to determine advancements, bonuses, awards and earned incentives for a Forever Business Owner as set forth in the FLP Marketing Plan. All Case Credits are calculated on a Month by Month basis

The fundamental goal of the Forever Marketing Plan is to promote the sale and use of high quality products to consumers. The Marketing Plan and Bonus Structure is laid out in the Company Policies and Procedures under Chapter 4.

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